The Sickle Cell Foundation provides a variety of services to help people determine if they are affected by the Sickle Cell Trait by early detection and screening. Early detection is important so that treatment can begin at an early stage which will ensure quality and longevity of life. Read more about Screenings & Treatment.

The Foundation also works with individuals who have been affected by the disease or may be a carrier to offer counseling and support. Support groups are offered to provide ongoing encouragement, therapy, and assistance with finding medical resources. Read more about Counseling.

If transportation is a barrier to treatment, assistance is offered through the kindness of volunteers. The Foundation will help find a way to get to and from medical appointments. It is vital and required by law that newborns are screened for the detection of Sickle Cell Disease. Every effort is made to assist with this requirement. If detected, ongoing treatment is vital and available through the foundation. Read more about Transportation.